General FAQ’s

Q. Why is the Internet slow?
A. Research shows that the internet is slow is due to students sharing data across the network, which can cause denial of service. Be considerate of others as you share information across the network. The purpose of MCNet is academic, not social. Also, some degradation of speed is due to content filtering.

Q. Why are some sites blocked that should not be?
A. With all filtering false positives happen. Requests to unblock sites will be considered for academic purposes.

Q. Where is the Helpdesk?
A.  The Help Desk is located in the lower level of the Student Union Building.

Q. Why is my computer really slow?
A.   This is most likely due to spyware. Please refer to the Computer Support link.

Q. Why can I not log into the Library Databases?
A. These databases are supplied by an outside source. Please contact the Library Staff.

Q. I forgot my username and password.
A. Contact the Help Desk in person and bring your student ID. You can also retrieve your network information by clicking on the Network Account and Profile Manager button on the right side of this page.

Q. Will you fix my computer if it breaks?
A. We have a “hands off” policy regarding students PCs or Macs. We can offer support for the software we provide to you, and help your find the answer to solve the issue. If your computer has a hardware issue, you will need to contact your hardware vendor for repair.