Wireless & Network Support

Milligan College provides a secured wireless network as well as a wired network. Most buildings have wireless access. You may even be able to connect to the network while your are outside on the grounds of the College.  Milligan College is transitioning to a new wireless infrastructure.  Both the legacy Milligan Wireless Network and the new MC-Student Wireless Network are fully supported. The MC-Student Wireless Network is available in the Milligan Village and the Student Union Building (SUB).



To access the new Student Access network while in the Milligan Village or the SUB:

1. Join the Student Access wireless network and set it to connect automatically.


2. Open your Web browser.



Image of MC-Student Wireless Login Screen

3. Enter your Milligan username and password at the login screen


4. Click Submit.


You will automatically be connected to the MC-Student wireless network and will have Internet access.



Image of Milligan Wireless Network on a Smart Phone

The Milligan Wireless Network is available in these areas:

  • Derthick Hall
  • Lower Level of Hardin Hall
  • Welshimer Library
  • McMahan Student Union Building
  • Upper level of Lacy Field House
  • All Student Housing
  • Cafeteria
  • Faculty Office Building
  • Clark Education Center
  • Gregory Center
  • Lower Level of Little Hartland
  • Milligan Apartments
  • Wilson Auditorium
  • Hyder Auditorium
  • Seeger Chapel

To obtain the access code for the Milligan Wireless Network, please contact the Help Desk.

Please note that our internet traffic is content filtered,  and as with any filter, false positives occur. Blocking may be removed for academic reasons, by approval of the Academic Dean.  To request that a site or port be opened, you will need to submit your unblock request in an online help desk ticket or by emailing your request to helpdesk@milligan.edu.

Milligan College adheres to all US copyright laws, therefore, peer-to-peer sharing is discouraged and blocked by our firewall.