Faculty and Staff Network Policy


This policy is intended for faculty and staff of Milligan University.

Authorized Use:

  • The faculty wireless network is for Milligan employees only. Your Milligan username and password will be utilized to validate your identity.
  • All Milligan networks are for legal purposes only. Illegal use is prohibited and violators are subject to punitive action.
  • Use of the network implies that the user has read and agrees to the Milligan acceptable use policy and all other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Commercial/for profit use is prohibited.
  • Faculty-owned wireless access points, routers, and switches are prohibited on Milligan’s network. All network equipment must be approved and installed by the Department of Information Technology or its designees.

Use and Access Information

  • Milligan University provides a robust wireless network covering all academic, business, and residential buildings on campus. Much of the green space is also covered with wireless signal.
  • Due to the amount of bandwidth required by some applications and their effect on a shared resource, some protocols or programs may be blocked.
  • Use of peer-to-peer software that can be used to share files such as movies, music, or software in violation of copyright laws is strictly prohibited.
  • The wireless network should not be used to transmit confidential or sensitive information or to process credit card payments.
  • An unsecure wireless network connection must not be used to access any Milligan business application or system that contains private, restricted, or confidential data (e.g. student information).